Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My top 10 WORST celebrity wedding gowns!

As promised, here is my roundup of the top ten most atrocious celebrity wedding dresses. Some of these are unbelievably bad!

Number Ten: Danielle Spencer

Oh, it started out so beautifully! This dress could have been a contender for one of the best, if only that slit weren't so darn high! The Armani gown had 10,000 clear Swavorski crystals sewn onto chantilly lace. My question: How does one SIT in such a dress?

Number Nine: Pink

Oh my, that hair was bad. Did she not have time to fix it after her exercise class? I also do not think the bodice fit her well, it made her look a little... erm.. saggy. I'm not much of a fan of pick up skirts, but I suppose this could have been worse. Pink married Carey Hart in January of 2007 in Costa Rica. Her lace and satin gown was designed by Monique Lhuillier.

Number Eight: Victoria Beckham

The dress itself isn't all that bad. I think the crumb catcher top looks a little bit off, but I do appreciate the traditional shape of the Vera Wang gown. What I take issue with is the bouquet. Are thost apples? What on earth inspired her to choose that awful, vine mess? Also, shouldn't a bride look happy on her wedding day?

Number Seven: Chelsea Clinton

I had high hopes for the former First Daughter's dress, but I was quite disappointed with this Vera Wang travesty. The laser cut organza looks like a rumpled mess, it's too trendy of a look to me. I pictured Chelsea in something more figure hugging and I definitely would have pegged her to wear something classic.

Number Six: Heidi Montag

While Chelsea may have been surprisingly bad, I fully expected Heidi to show up in something awful. Again, Monique Lhuillier designed this gown, which is called "Symphony" from her Spring 2009 collection. The skirt is supposedly inspired by peacock feathers, but all I see are fish scales. Added to the busy ensemble were over a million dollars of borrowed Neil Lane diamonds. While I think each piece individually is gorgeous, she looks a bit like a gypsy with the sheer amount of jewelry she is wearing. My mom always told me to remove one accessory before walking out the door. I think Heidi should have removed four or five.

Number Five: Carrie Underwood

Yikes. This Monique Lhuillier custom-made dress looks like something a Jersey girl on Say Yes to the Dress would pick. The sheer chantilly lace bodice with exposed boning is erring on the trashy side. Underwood described her dress as "girly and pretty, and it's simple and glamorous at the same time." I think we possibly have different definitions of what "simple" means. The beautiful singer would have looked much better in something similar, but toned down.

Number Four: Britney Spears

The dress she wore for her ceremony to Kevin Federline wasn't all that bad. Her reception dress, however, was shocking. Can one even call that a dress? I want to put some pants on her! And, what's with the bra strap hanging out the sleeve? A few years after the divorce was finalized, Britney was spotted in an airport wearing the exact same dress, which is absolutely bizarre.

Number Three: Celine Dion

Now this one is over- the- top. It took 1,000 hours to complete the Mirella and Steve Gentile silk creation. Her train was twenty feet long, imagine carrying that around! She donned a 7-pound Swavorski crystal tiara that had to be sewn in to her head. That's right, sewn. The level of pain she must have experienced is astounding, especially considering she resembled an alien.

Number Two: Pamela Anderson

I always say, there is nothing as tacky as a drunk bride. I stand corrected. There is nothing as tacky as a drunk bride in a barely-there bikini. The Baywatch babe married rocker Kid Rock on a yacht in Saint Tropez and made headlines for her itty- bitty wedding attire.

Number One: Katie Price

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, is a British "celebrity." She was determined to have the longest wedding dress on record, so she ensured her pink tulle and satin monstrosity was 2,700 feet long. Everything about this look is bad, from the pink tiara, to the revealing top. Bless her heart, this poor dear just looks TACKY!


Anonymous said...

Such a great list it is hard to decide which is the worst, maybe Celine

Katie Joy said...

Man! Those really are bad. Celine's is terrible. I can't believe they sewed that into her head! Stupid.

Anonymous said...

minus the long sleeves and tiara celine had an amazing dress !!

kennady said...

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