Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Be An Elizabeth Taylor

It is often said that if a couple spent as much time preparing for the marriage as they do for their wedding, they would be in much better shape. It is incredibly important to equip yourselves for a lifetime together and to ask yourselves important questions and learn coping skills for when times get tough. You've been learning from relationships your whole life-- why stop just as you are embarking on the most important one of all?

Often, churches offer couples counseling, and some even require it prior to marriage. It's a wonderful platform for an outsider to ask questions that you possibly haven't thought of before, learn communication skills, and gain some tools for the years ahead. For those in the state of Oklahoma, there is a great workshop called "Forever. For Real." It's a free workshop, and if you attend all eight sessions, they will pay $45 of your Oklahoma marriage license. Now, for my friends close to taking a trip down the aisle in Texas, please look into "Twogether in Texas." Those that complete a course there get $60 toward a Texas marriage license. The way I see it, you have nothing to lose! If you can make time for cake testing, you can certainly make time to attend these.

Just think, if Elizabeth Taylor had put this much effort into her marriages, maybe she wouldn't have been a bride eight times!

Happily married Aimee and Antonio