Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIY - Veils

If you've already found your dress, I'm sure you've seen the high price on veils. Assuming that you can sew on a button, I have no doubt you can make your own veil! Those of you not getting married can take a few notes for bachelorette parties or for a special gift to a bride.

Before you start, you need to know what length you want. This will determine what width of tulle, as well as how many yards of it you will need. For a full, poufy veil you should get 108" width. You also need that width if you're planning on a longer veil, such as cathedral length. For a bridcage, or sleek fingertip length veil you may favor 72" tulle. Tulle comes in a variety of textures, many of the extremely cheap variety will be fairly stiff. I recommend tulle that is a little bit softer to the touch, it tends to drape prettier.

Next, decide the type of trim you would like to use. Some of you may prefer your veil unadorned, if so, just skip this step. Tulle looks great unfinished and it won't fray like many other fabrics if you let it alone.

Most craft and fabric stores will have ready made trims. You can get something dazzling and save yourself the hard work of hand beading the edge. I popped into a local fabric store and found gorgeous lace for $9.50 a yard, flashy beaded trim for $6 a yard, and classic satin cord for $1.99 per yard. Keep in mind you will only need the detail on three sides of the veil. Use needle and thread to attatch your desired edging to the tulle. Take your time with this step, especially if you are new to sewing.

For an experienced sewer, you very well may be a little more ambitious. It won't be much work to find beading and hand-sew it yourself. I applaud veils that are one of a kind. I myself love to embroider, and found silver and gold threads for under 50 cents. Make your own pattern, or find one in a book and embellish that tulle exactly how you see fit!

Once you have your tulle gracefully detailed, it's time to attach it to a comb. To keep it simple, go to Hobby Lobby and buy a metal or plastic comb.

Find the very center of the top edge and sew it to the center of your comb. You will want to make sure the edge (as in the tulle you don't want seen) is on the inside of the comb. Some people have trouble figuring out which side is the top. The comb is curved so that it will lay flat on your head... Don't forget that while making your veil! Gather the tulle and continue to sew to each edge, ensuring you cover the sides of the comb. If the top of your veil doesn't look perfect enough for you, find a brooch or hair pin to attach to the top and hide your mistakes. You can either sew it or bobby pin into your hair on the wedding day. Not into bling? Satin ribbon or lace can easily be sewn across the top to disguise any "oops" moments.

*Please note, in this picture, you are viewing the underside of the comb!!*

Now, if all of that seems too much trouble, but you still want to save some dough, I have two suggestions. Browse Etsy for a variety of styles at an affordable price. Another suggestion? Ask your seamstress! She may have ideas or be able to incorporate something else from your dress to make you a one of a kind veil for way less money than the boutiques are going to charge!