Monday, November 22, 2010

Brrrr... It's cold out there!

You have the dress. You have everything else in place. Then it occurs to you that you might get a little bit chilly in that beautiful strapless gown in December. Boleros used to be out of style, but now they are absolutely in. 

I think this bolero, from Etsy is whimsical and gorgeous. I adore the ruffled neckline and flower detail. This would be darling with a short dress for a courthouse wedding, or a simple strapless.

I am loving this wool caplet, also found on Etsy. There aren't many dresses that wouldn't look sensational with this caplet. You could add a beautiful brooch to the knot for some added glam.

Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani offer some gorgeous, fashion forward styles. Every single jacket they make is a true work of art. 

For extra warmth, check out this faux fur bolero. If you have a lace gown, or intricate beading, faux fur may be the best way to go. 
Many bridal lines have the option of a bolero made to match the dress. If you are considering one ask your bridal retailer for more information.

DIY Dessert Stands

I'm going to have to make these for myself-- they are so darn cute! I think they would be great for reception decor, if done right. They would also make excellent hostess gifts for your showers or bridesmaids gifts.

You will need:
-A drawer pull that is pretty. Browse antique stores, check out hardware stores, or hit up Anthropologie.
-An allthread to match. You can find these at hardware stores as well.
-A bolt and washer that fit, you will use these to screw in the bottom of your stand.
-A drill and bit.
-A candle stick. Some have a visible hole through the centers. Others need to have the dowel in the middle unscrewed.
-Plates. Melamine or ceramic are preferable for these instructions. Unlike the pictures, I think these plates would be more adorable with different sizes and designs, as long as they coordinate.
-Paint (optional)

Make sure your allthread and drawer pull are the same width. If your drawer pull has a rod like this one, you should be able to unscrew it, so the allthread can screw directly into the pull. It may take some torque, but you should be able to get it out. Pick up two allthreads if you’re going to want to change between two and three tiers with your cake stand. You’ll need an allthread for each different height.

If you are planning to paint your candlestick, do so before you start.  Next you’ll need to drill a hole right through the center of the plate. If you're afraid to do this, ask your fiancé for help.. I advise you to use a wood bit for drilling through melamine and a ceramic bit for ceramic. You may also want an extra plate, just in case a plate cracks while it's being drilled. If you do crack a plate, you can drill a few extra holes in your broken plate and get a little practice. Drill directly through the center of your plate. If you need help finding the center, use a ruler.

Now all that is left is the assembly! Screw the entire stand together. Don't forget to use the washer and bolt on the bottom.

These don't have to be used solely for desserts. They make a great place to set your jewelry, too! The other fabulous thing about these stands is storage. You can easily disassemble them and store until the next party. 

Rue La La

If you don't know what Rue La La is, you're missing out! It's a website where big brand names have select items heavily discounted for a short period of time. You can only join by invite, but you're in luck! I'm personally inviting you to start shopping! Click that link, and you will be amazed at some of the fabulous deals you come across... Just in time for the holidays. Every two days, the "boutiques" change-- and things sell out fast.

Todays deals include BCBG shoes, Invicta watches, Stuart Weitzman's and much more.

I think it's the perfect place to look for that little dress you need for your rehearsal dinner or for a pair of perfect ivory shoes for the big day. It's also a great place to search for groom's gifts, they often have beautiful watches marked down to under $100.

Consider this my thanks to you, for reading my blog. Enjoy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cute save the date idea!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY: String Lanterns

Every so often I see a DIY project that really seems incredible. I think these string lanterns would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, or even for your backyard. If you are crafty and unafraid of making a mess, this project is for you. Please don't try this on your carpet-- at a minimum do it on top of tarp. You're probably best off completing this project outside.

You will need:
-Large Balloons
-A Sharpie
-Cotton Yarn
-4 oz. White School Glue
-1/2 cup Corn Starch
-1/4 cup Water
-Something to stir with
-Petroleum Jelly
-Clear, fast drying spray paint
-Container for mixing glue in

1. Blow up a balloon. I would suggest only inflating until it is a decent size, but still round. If you get it too full, you'll end up with an oblong shaped lantern. I think for the best end result you will want varied sizes.
2. After the balloon is inflated to your desired size, draw a circle around the knot of the balloon big enough to put whatever light source you would like to use. If you are hanging from Christmas lights or something similar, you will need to fit the light into this hole. If you are just planning to put these into a vase or have no plans to light these up, forgo the sharpie.
3. Lay down your tarp, and find a way to suspend the balloons with string. You can use a shower curtain rod across chairs, a clothespin line, or a rope between two trees.
4. Mix the corn starch, glue, and warm water together until the mixture is nice and smooth.
5. Smear the petroleum jelly all over the balloon, until it is completely coated.
6. If you have a friend or your fiancé helping you, this will go a lot quicker. One person should feed the yarn into the glue mixture, then hand it off to the other person, who will drape it around the balloon.

7. Begin wrapping the yarn vertically around the balloon at a comfortable tightness, and then gradually switch to wrapping it horizontally. Tuck your beginning and end pieces under other pieces of yarn.

8. After allowing the balls to dry for 24 hours, pop the balloons! Chop sticks or something similar can help remove any glue crystals that form between strings.

9. Spray the ball with the clear, fast drying spray paint outside.
10. Now hang your balls either from lights, from fishing wire, or display them in a vase or bowl!

For more fantastic DIYs and ideas, check out Wednesday Custom Design, Events, & Paperworks.

Trend Alert! Polka Dotted Wedding Cakes

Retro and chic at the same time, these polka dotted cakes are absolutely en vogue.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Cupcake Topping Bar

If you want your guests to have something a little outside of the norm, go for a cupcake topping bar. This would also be excellent at a bridal shower, I think entertainment is important if all of your guests don't know one another.

Notice the hollowed out pumpkins that hold different toppings. Adorable!

I love the handmade tags they put on the syrup dispensers. 

A little something for everyone!

Are you hungry yet?

A Royal Wedding

Hearts are breaking all over the world! The future King of England has finally proposed to longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton in Kenya. The two of them are adorable together, at least one of the world's most desirable bachelors has picked a great mate in Kate.

As for her ring, well, you may have seen it before.

Prince William said, "As you may recognise now, it's my mother's engagement ring. So of course it's very special to me, as Kate's so special to me now as well... It was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement and the fact we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together." While the sentiment is sweet, I don't know that I would want a ring from a very public divorce. 

The wedding enthusiast in me hopes that they have a large, televised event that I can watch from my home, but for their sake I hope they get to have the type of wedding THEY want.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Free wedding and engagement annoucements!

There is a marvelous website based in North Texas, called E Social World, that is always up to date on what is going on in the area. Partners Joy Donovan and Larre Green also offer entertaining blog posts on any topic they see fit! They have a special section just for weddings, and you can have a free announcement, too! It is not restricted to the area, so brides from all over the country are more than welcome to submit their engagement and wedding announcements.

It's fool proof, after you contact the site owners, they will send you a form that you complete. You are more than welcome to add to the basic form and provide more details, including pictures. "We love it when we post an engagement or a wedding announcement and the couple’s families make comments directed to them,” said Joy Donovan, a long-time journalist. “It’s so much more interactive than the traditional newspaper announcement.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get your wedding some free publicity!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ask Meg

Hi Meg!

My fiancé and I are having a formal wedding in January. We want it to be traditional in all senses, but since we are having a ton of our young friends attend, we want to make sure it's fun too. Do you have any suggestions to make it a memorable wedding without being too cheesy? Thanks!


Hi Courtney,

It's so nice of you to consider your guests and hope for them to have a great time. People love the unexpected and unique, but not things that require too much participation. Also, I think less is more. Add a few unique elements, but keep it simple. After all, the best part of a wedding is watching the couple celebrate, dancing, socializing, and eating cake! I must stress that to keep the young people, and even most of your middle aged guests around, dancing is key. A good band or DJ will keep your friends around much longer than one without. Old habits die hard, and I, along with many others, go to weddings with my dancing shoes on.

-A champagne flavoring bar would be fun. Set up a table with champagne and options for flavor like cranberry, orange juice and strawberry. This weekend I had a delicious pear brandy infused champagne, that might be a great flavor for you, too! This website has many more sparkling wine cocktail ideas. A champange flavor station would be pretty and a twist on the ever common (but delicious) mashed potato bar.

-Instead of a traditional guestbook, have a photo station instead. Gather a few items that go well with your wedding, and add empty frames, a chalk board, fun accessories like a top hat and tiara, and let your guests enjoy! You will laugh at the memories created on that night and after the wedding you can have a fabulous keepsake photo album.

-Many receptions have a small table with a few bridal portrait snap shots as well as a picture or two from each set of parents' weddings. I think it would be cool to go with that idea, but better. Instead of pictures of just your parents, extend it to your grandparents, siblings, and other close family members. Along with pictures, borrow an item from their weddings, such as cake toppers, love letters, garters, copies of wedding certificates, you name it! Your family members will be blown away with a sentimental way to honor their weddings, and your guests will get a kick out of the way weddings have changed throughout the years.

-Passed hors d'oeuvres are both formal and fun. Your caterer can really let their creativity flow when it comes to this one. Also, if you and your fiance have a favorite food, it's even better. Say your first date was to a hamburger joint, have them pass around sliders. If you always go to Ihop after church on Sundays, have waiters pass around mini pancakes on a stick.

Thank you for your question, Courtney, and I hope this helped!

If you have a question, please contact me at

Contact Me

I would love to start featuring real weddings, and I need help from you! If you have seen something creative or have an idea, it would be a joy to post about it. It can be anything you have seen that is wedding related-- a unique shower, great gifts, fabulous food, or a beautiful location.  To my readers that are married, it would be wonderful to showcase your weddings. I also want to have an "Ask Meg" section, so I please ask me any questions you have.

My e-mail is and I can't wait to hear from you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Much ado about dancing!

Here in the South, I've been to way too many weddings where the bride and groom sway back and forth to a sappy country song, barely moving their feet. Their dance moves have not improved even slightly since middle school days, and it's really boring to watch. As a former cotillion instructor, these first dances make me cringe.

I love to watch a married couple cut a rug together for the first time to an upbeat song.. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Train's "Hey Soul Sister" would be marvelous for a couple who wants a current song. It's fun, has a great beat, which is perfect for inexperienced dancers, and adorable lyrics. I especially love the line "I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight," in reference to a wedding. If I were in charge, I'd have the band switch out the line about Madonna, and I'd most certainly have the couple do a foxtrot.

If you really want to shake things up, "River Deep Mountain High" is fast-paced and I can easily picture a groom spinning his bride all around the floor. Guests would probably have a hard time standing still to this tune.

It's hard to find someone that doesn't love Stevie Wonder, and "Signed Sealed Delivered" is an overlooked songs when it comes to receptions. A simple box step is definitely the way to go.

Written by Carole King, and recently covered by Michael Buble, "Some Kind of Wonderful" is romantic and joyous. It's a little slower than some of the others I have posted, but is certainly not a drag!

If you're both really into country and have a mean two-step, I can't get enough of "Why Don't We Just Dance" sung by Josh Turner. I don't suggest using the moves from the music video, though!

Ok, if I have you sweating bullets at the idea of moving your feet so quickly, "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee still has some spunk but it's considerably slower. This song was made for a foxtrot or box step.

Now, if you need affordable dance lessons, and you aren't close enough for my expert lessons (kidding), I suggest watching Youtube tutorials or ordering Dancing With the Star's Louis Van Amstel's videos.

Remember that this is supposed to be fun! Do not stress about your steps being 100% perfect, just enjoy it and let your personalities shine. As a Japanese proverb says, "We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick tip for the brides..

Once you get engaged you'll sign up for all sorts of websites like The Knot, as well as using your e-mail to contact vendors. I suggest setting up an e-mail account soley for the wedding. Many wedding planning websites, bridal fairs, and even some vendors will sell your e-mail. You won't want that kind of spam once the wedding is over.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creative Proposal Ideas

It used to be that so long as a guy asked a girl if she would be his wife, she would be over the moon. Lately, there seems to be a movement toward over-the-top proposals. I gathered a few of the fun ones found on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Here, a comic proposes to his lady via his comic strip's blog.

A choreographed number in Madison Square Park got this man a yes.

Have you ever watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics?" Her reaction is priceless!

For a girl that fancies herself a modern day Cinderella, this one is hard to beat.

This man put forth so much effort, but it turned out phenomenal.

But, really, who needs all of that pomp and circumstance? Just look how sweet this carved pumpkin proposal is.

Sure, graffiti is technically illegal, but how neat is this?

This couple obviously enjoys playing board games.

A ring and a cupcake?? Who could say no to that?!

Honestly, as long as the guy is asking, a girl should be thrilled. Well... maybe if he does it on the jumbotron at a sporting event she has a reason to complain.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The rhyme doesn't end with blue..

Everyone knows the rhyme,

"Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue"

But very few know the last little bit, that was left off for convenience. The original poem ends with "And a six pence for her shoe." Since a six pence was never legal tender in the US, and it has been obsolete overseas for several decades, it was easy to dismiss.

A silver six pence would make an affordable yet sentimental gift for a bride, and most listed for purchase come with a meaninful card. The six pence can then be passed on to be someone else's "Something old" or "something borrowed" as well.
Ivy Lane design offers them, and you can purchase Ivy Lane products through many bridal retailers.

A little hint, though, if you are wearing peep-toe pumps, I suggest taping it to your sole.. My good friend lost hers while kneeling at the alter!