Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Contact Me

I would love to start featuring real weddings, and I need help from you! If you have seen something creative or have an idea, it would be a joy to post about it. It can be anything you have seen that is wedding related-- a unique shower, great gifts, fabulous food, or a beautiful location.  To my readers that are married, it would be wonderful to showcase your weddings. I also want to have an "Ask Meg" section, so I please ask me any questions you have.

My e-mail is and I can't wait to hear from you!


Elyse Hickman Mueller said...

I am a HUGE advocate for doing "first looks".. it was our best wedding decision. That is always an interesting topic/debate!

Lane said...

What are your thoughts on wedding presents Meg? Do I have to get something off of the couple's registry? And how about price points, is there a certain amount I should plan to spend for every wedding or does it completely depend on my relationship with the couple?

Matrimonial Meg said...

Elyse, I'd love to explore that topic. If you want, contact me with what you two did, why you loved it, and the photos! :)

Ghssoccerstud, I'll answer yours in a post soon. :)