Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Breathtaking Bouquet

     Back in June I went to a lovely wedding of my friend's Nick and Callan. She planned the whole thing herself and there were so many personal touches that made it unforgettable.

     Her gorgeous bouquet blew me away with the creativity and sentiment behind it. She decided early on in the planning process that she would not have flowers at the wedding at all. Table centerpieces were fun and named after famous couples, the bridesmaids carried scrolls which they read from during the ceremony, and all other aspects of decor were glowing candles.

     Still, she didn't quite know what to carry down the aisle. She has a very large family and was wishing there were a way to incorporate them into the ceremony, without having each of them stand up at the altar. It was important to feel as though those close to her were "with her" as she sauntered down the aisle at The Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas. While she was pondering this thought, it occurred to her that she could carry memories and moments from those closest to her on her wedding day and solve the bouquet problem. I'm all about killing two birds with one stone, and she nailed it. She sent out the following letter to her family members and closest friends:

Hi everyone!!

I've decided that instead of flowers for my wedding bouquet I want to hold something incredibly special and memorable! What I've decided to do is request a copy of an item that is meaningful to you from either your wedding or your personal life. It can be your wedding program, wedding invite, lyrics to the song you danced to or your favorite love song, a letter to me of any type of encouragement (because you know I will need it!), funny memory you have of me, or anything at all that means something to you that you want me to hold (and calm me down!) when I'm walking down the aisle!

After I recieve all the copies I'm going to transfer them to thin, ivory "flower paper" and make beautiful paper roses out of all the wonderful, meaningful events/letters given to me by all the people I love the most and that will be my wedding bouquet!



     Everyone sent her fantastic pieces from wedding photos, to invitations, napkins to copies of marriage certificates, and even a few copies of the actual vows said from her aunt's weddings. Those that were unmarried wrote letters that shared inside jokes, poems, and lyrics. She says that as she received these pieces and read each one the feeling was "indescribable." She brought everything she needed copies of into FedEx Office and had them transfer everything onto thin, ivory paper. She researched how to make paper flowers, and after multiple attempts, had a good friend assist her in making her one of a kind paper bouquet. They are attached to wire covered in flower tape, and the "stems" are wrapped in light gray ribbon. Here is a great tutorial from Martha Stewart on how to construct paper flowers. Project Wedding also has a great how-to on paper bouquets.

     At the reception we guests could walk around and check out all of the letters and vows that were a part of her bouquet, it was so winsome and unique. The best part is, Callan gets to keep her extraordinary bouquet forever! 

Can you believe these are all paper flowers?


Lane said...

Speaking as someone who attended this wedding I can second how creative and fun it really was. The bouquet was great and getting to read and look at all the cool memorabilia from Callan's friends and family during the reception was very unique.

Anonymous said...

very unique idea!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful and unique idea! I love love love this! I want to get married again so I can do it.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

I love her dress.