Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sneaky Little Elves

I've been a bad blogger lately. I promise it will get back to normal after the holidays. We've just had so much to do. Now that we've married off a sister, we have to Christmas shop, bake, and even sneak over to the newlyweds house to do a little decorating!

Now, those of you that are fancy and southern know what a "display" is. For my Yankee friends, it's tables set up with the couples' beautiful wedding gifts, invitations, and photos on display.

My parent's have had these tables up for weeks. Two nights before the wedding, we had some of our family friends over for a "Sip and See" where we drank Poinsettia's and looked at all of the gifts, while discussing the last minute details of the wedding. You see, we Southerner's can find any excuse to have a party!

So, after the couple left for their Cancun honeymoon, we crept over to their house and set up a few of the gifts for them to come home to. Don't worry, we kept the display in tact. The trick is hiding all of the boxes underneath the tables. We also bought a Christmas tree and put their new ornaments (a bonus for getting married at the holidays, lots of new ornaments!) on it. Tonight, we're bringing over milk, eggs, and a breakfast casserole for the two to enjoy Christmas morning before coming over to open gifts with their nosy relatives.

We hope they enjoy their surprise on Friday night, when they get home from the airport. We love you, Katie and Chase!


Libby said...

I love how sneaky our family is! That table looks fabulous by the way, I wonder who did such an amazing job.

Claire Wood said...

I love this and it is sooo Donovan!

Anonymous said...

eeps, did we post too soon?