Sunday, December 5, 2010

Toast to You

      If you want a guestbook that is outside of the norm, and you love wine, check out this idea. It would be best to begin this project a few months before the wedding, so you can collect a decent amount of bottles.

      You will need to have a collection of your favorite wines. Choose some that you and your fiance will enjoy drinking in the months after your wedding. For everyone to have enough room to write you a message, you'll need about one bottle of wine per 5 guests. Don't drink alcohol? You can do a similar project with jars of jam or fancy bottles of soda. You will either need to find a free wine label template on the internet, or purchase some personalized labels. I love these labels from Bottle Your Brand.

     You will also need double sided tape, 8x10in paper cut in half, hotdog style and pens. I love the way these pens from Sharpie write and they come in so many fun colors!
      Soak the bottle overnight in lukewarm water, the label should be easy to remove, but a butter knife may be of assistance. Allow them ample time to dry before applying the labels. 
        Connect the strips of paper behind your wine label, so that the label has little "tabs" that extend, this will be where your guests can write notes and well wishes. Using the double sided tape, attach the labels to your bottles of wine, and have them set up at the reception with pens. 

       In the months following, as you enjoy your wine and your little notes, be sure to remove the labels and save them in a scrap book or photo album.