Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ask Meg

Hi Meg!

My fiancé and I are having a formal wedding in January. We want it to be traditional in all senses, but since we are having a ton of our young friends attend, we want to make sure it's fun too. Do you have any suggestions to make it a memorable wedding without being too cheesy? Thanks!


Hi Courtney,

It's so nice of you to consider your guests and hope for them to have a great time. People love the unexpected and unique, but not things that require too much participation. Also, I think less is more. Add a few unique elements, but keep it simple. After all, the best part of a wedding is watching the couple celebrate, dancing, socializing, and eating cake! I must stress that to keep the young people, and even most of your middle aged guests around, dancing is key. A good band or DJ will keep your friends around much longer than one without. Old habits die hard, and I, along with many others, go to weddings with my dancing shoes on.

-A champagne flavoring bar would be fun. Set up a table with champagne and options for flavor like cranberry, orange juice and strawberry. This weekend I had a delicious pear brandy infused champagne, that might be a great flavor for you, too! This website has many more sparkling wine cocktail ideas. A champange flavor station would be pretty and a twist on the ever common (but delicious) mashed potato bar.

-Instead of a traditional guestbook, have a photo station instead. Gather a few items that go well with your wedding, and add empty frames, a chalk board, fun accessories like a top hat and tiara, and let your guests enjoy! You will laugh at the memories created on that night and after the wedding you can have a fabulous keepsake photo album.

-Many receptions have a small table with a few bridal portrait snap shots as well as a picture or two from each set of parents' weddings. I think it would be cool to go with that idea, but better. Instead of pictures of just your parents, extend it to your grandparents, siblings, and other close family members. Along with pictures, borrow an item from their weddings, such as cake toppers, love letters, garters, copies of wedding certificates, you name it! Your family members will be blown away with a sentimental way to honor their weddings, and your guests will get a kick out of the way weddings have changed throughout the years.

-Passed hors d'oeuvres are both formal and fun. Your caterer can really let their creativity flow when it comes to this one. Also, if you and your fiance have a favorite food, it's even better. Say your first date was to a hamburger joint, have them pass around sliders. If you always go to Ihop after church on Sundays, have waiters pass around mini pancakes on a stick.

Thank you for your question, Courtney, and I hope this helped!

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Carly said...

Ohh my goodness, I love the champagne station idea. I've never heard of it or anything. I'm going to have to experiment some of those recipes at home.