Monday, November 1, 2010

The rhyme doesn't end with blue..

Everyone knows the rhyme,

"Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue"

But very few know the last little bit, that was left off for convenience. The original poem ends with "And a six pence for her shoe." Since a six pence was never legal tender in the US, and it has been obsolete overseas for several decades, it was easy to dismiss.

A silver six pence would make an affordable yet sentimental gift for a bride, and most listed for purchase come with a meaninful card. The six pence can then be passed on to be someone else's "Something old" or "something borrowed" as well.
Ivy Lane design offers them, and you can purchase Ivy Lane products through many bridal retailers.

A little hint, though, if you are wearing peep-toe pumps, I suggest taping it to your sole.. My good friend lost hers while kneeling at the alter!


Mel said...

I always heard the version "and a penny in her shoe." My dad gave me a penny from my birth year to put in my shoe right before we started down the aisle.