Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creative Proposal Ideas

It used to be that so long as a guy asked a girl if she would be his wife, she would be over the moon. Lately, there seems to be a movement toward over-the-top proposals. I gathered a few of the fun ones found on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Here, a comic proposes to his lady via his comic strip's blog.

A choreographed number in Madison Square Park got this man a yes.

Have you ever watched "Don't Forget the Lyrics?" Her reaction is priceless!

For a girl that fancies herself a modern day Cinderella, this one is hard to beat.

This man put forth so much effort, but it turned out phenomenal.

But, really, who needs all of that pomp and circumstance? Just look how sweet this carved pumpkin proposal is.

Sure, graffiti is technically illegal, but how neat is this?

This couple obviously enjoys playing board games.

A ring and a cupcake?? Who could say no to that?!

Honestly, as long as the guy is asking, a girl should be thrilled. Well... maybe if he does it on the jumbotron at a sporting event she has a reason to complain.


Claire said...

I have this fear my future fiance will think it's a great idea to propose on a jumbotron at a game. SICK ME OUT. Please do me a favor when this day comes, and make sure that doesn't happen.