Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Dessert Stands

I'm going to have to make these for myself-- they are so darn cute! I think they would be great for reception decor, if done right. They would also make excellent hostess gifts for your showers or bridesmaids gifts.

You will need:
-A drawer pull that is pretty. Browse antique stores, check out hardware stores, or hit up Anthropologie.
-An allthread to match. You can find these at hardware stores as well.
-A bolt and washer that fit, you will use these to screw in the bottom of your stand.
-A drill and bit.
-A candle stick. Some have a visible hole through the centers. Others need to have the dowel in the middle unscrewed.
-Plates. Melamine or ceramic are preferable for these instructions. Unlike the pictures, I think these plates would be more adorable with different sizes and designs, as long as they coordinate.
-Paint (optional)

Make sure your allthread and drawer pull are the same width. If your drawer pull has a rod like this one, you should be able to unscrew it, so the allthread can screw directly into the pull. It may take some torque, but you should be able to get it out. Pick up two allthreads if you’re going to want to change between two and three tiers with your cake stand. You’ll need an allthread for each different height.

If you are planning to paint your candlestick, do so before you start.  Next you’ll need to drill a hole right through the center of the plate. If you're afraid to do this, ask your fiancĂ© for help.. I advise you to use a wood bit for drilling through melamine and a ceramic bit for ceramic. You may also want an extra plate, just in case a plate cracks while it's being drilled. If you do crack a plate, you can drill a few extra holes in your broken plate and get a little practice. Drill directly through the center of your plate. If you need help finding the center, use a ruler.

Now all that is left is the assembly! Screw the entire stand together. Don't forget to use the washer and bolt on the bottom.

These don't have to be used solely for desserts. They make a great place to set your jewelry, too! The other fabulous thing about these stands is storage. You can easily disassemble them and store until the next party.